Lee Bowers' awards

The Guinness World Record for the greatest differential and a catch of a rugby ball. On the 12th of October 2015, Sponsored by NAT WEST, Lee Bowers (freestyle stunt rider), Terry Grant (stunt driver), John Moore (stunt driver), and Lewis Moody (rugby World Cup winner) attempted a Guinness World Record. It was an epic experience, involving in total around 40 people in the planning, filming and undertaking of the record.

During 5 trial runs all kinds of problems surfaced and it seemed the task was going to be impossible. Lee had to intercept the rugby ball being thrown by Lewis Moody. The live record attempt approached and the team had 1 chance to pull it off. All the planning and learning during the trial runs paid as Lee caught the ball. Be sure to check out the attempt video here!

Competition and Tournaments

Lee has competed in the biggest Freestyle Stunt Competitions and Tournaments in Europe since 2009 and is the current 2016 BSC Champion. Lee has won every trophy there is to win in the sport in Europe. This Includes the Main Freestyle Tournaments, Longest Stoppie, Gymkhana, Circle Champ and Sickest Trick. Check out the many awards and trophies Lee has won.

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